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Reports: Senator McCain has Iraq war veterans arrested

Reports:  Senator McCain has Iraq war veterans arrested

“We wanted to speak to Senator McCain vet-to-vet” about “[our] deep reservations about [Rex] Tillerson as a cabinet pick” for Secretary of State, explained Matt Howard, co-director of IVAW and a Marine Corps helicopter mechanic who was twice deployed to Iraq. Thursday Howard and eight other Iraqi war veterans went to McCain’s office and waited […]

Gory Gory, What a Helluva Way to Die..[Great Video]

WWII Vet Vince “Nuts!” Speranza, singing with WWII ADT Class 2016-03 Note from YouTube Discription: “WWII Jump School is over and it was an amazing experience. We had our Graduation ceremony and celebration party on Saturday and got to party with this bad ass – Vince Speranza #nuts! #Geronimo #Bastogne #Airbornealltheway NOTE: this has been […]

Could WV Senator Shelley Capito or Lt Gen Flynn (Ret) become Trump’s VP pick?

Reported long time Trump friend Roger Stone recently appeared on Infowars with host Alex Jones.  During this interview Mr. Stone mentioned West Virginia Senator Capito or Lt Gen Michael Flynn as a possible VP pick. Stone has been right on many things with Trump, not to mention he was Trump’s ex-campaign manager.   Some would […]


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