Requirements To Join The Army: Do You Have What It Takes?

Joining the Army can be an exciting process, however potential soldiers don’t just get to decide to join on a whim. Instead, there are specific requirements to join the Army that must be met before you raise your hand and take the oath of enlistment. Knowing what the requirements to join the Army are before […]

Reasons To Join The Army: What Benefits Can You Earn

Soldiers have numerous reasons to join the Army. Whether they join to travel the world, or to help pay for college, or simply because they want to serve their country, today’s soldiers come from all types of backgrounds. However, they all have something in common — the benefits of joining the Army. Here are just […]

Dangerous Army Jobs

The Army is full of rewarding careers and positions for men and women, but some career in the Army are more challenging and dangerous than others. Certain soldiers in the Army face a higher risk of danger and are paid to endure life-threatening situations. Every soldier in the Army is critical to the success of […]

How Dogs Can Help Veterans Overcome PTSD

How Dogs Can Help Veterans Overcome PTSD

New research finds that “man’s best friend” could be lifesavers for veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan Going to the movies was the worst: the crowds, the dark, the whispering.  “I would constantly be scanning for who was going to come stab me from behind,” says Robert Soliz, a 31-year-old former Army Specialist […]

Kill or be Killed

In this World War II training film the Army drives home the point that there is no place for the traditional American value of fair play in war. …read more Read more here:     

Tactical Arms – M249 SAW

The 249 Squad Automatic Weapon is the force-multiplier behind battlefield firepower. A new episode of Tactical Arms shows you why – pound-for-pound – this beast packs more firepower than anything else in U.S. service today. …read more Read more here:     

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