No outside comms ever claimed. Never claimed to have met any “Q” insiders. Never tried setting dates in decode. No clickbait. Journalism 101: Ask the Ultimate Question. Just simply asking a Free Speech Question.

I was a White House journalist from April 2018, until literally being censored by someone in The White House, and big tech.

Beginning in that April, I was honored/blessed to have witnessed history up close,

Over my time of being a credentialed media member, it was very alarming watching many in the press room, internet, and major networks; telling the whole world “their opinion” about a narrative, they labeled as “QAnon”.

Several smaller correspondents knew I was questioning as to why the individuals in the reserved seats, were not trying to “end” it all? A couple even knew it was me that had captured the highly censored image in the room, trying to ask.

I would wager, the same journalist claiming to be the “Q” group experts; also, knew of the challenge issued in 2018, to ask “The Ultimate Question”.

The very same Free Speech question that could’ve ENDed most the needless broadcasted man-made divisions in the world.

Big media has not tried to end our suffering, divisions, and/or everything else, that they have even blamed on QAnon conspiracies?

Even the truths behind the Jan 6th blame game, would’ve been a mute discussion.

Can they prove by WH emails, that they have tried asking on record, “The Ultimate Question”?

They cannot disprove that “I asked” of POTUS in government WH records, and in person (of a gov’t representative standing in West Wing), or even on social media (like on Twitter, as shown below).

I had also took a imagine to ask directly online. The image went viral several times, with many of the same outlets, and big time journalists being tagged by citizens worldwide, asking them all to #AskTheQ.

If the media knew everything “Q”, they knew of the challenge made by “Q” to end it (drops #1643/1644). Sadly, many have chosen rather to hide it (behind the ‘QAnon’ narratives), ….without even trying?

We met many people who were very kind to us. Many ignored us.

After 20+ years of WAR, children missing, and worse, The American People deserved to know if “Q” was a National Security group? Point blank. None of these childish games. Citizens deserve truths.

The Daily Veteran was censored, quietly by the White House, and others for respectfully asking a Free Speech Question?

We personally tried in several ways, to ask “The Ultimate Question” of any President of the United States (POTUS).

The flowchart I made below, maps out just a few of the ways.

Some of the things I realized afterwards, as shown, are really hard to explain. >>>coincidences, are not coincidences. Dates are important.

Only God, and the US Military could’ve tied the >>>coincidences of my trying/asking, together.

We left a card with my The Daily Veteran .com Instagram account logo (on the back of card) in the West Wing when I was inquiring.

Several days later, ‘Q’ shares a “Castle Clean” image that I had reposted on Instagram. Add, I live 5+ hrs away from Washington, DC.

Which only leaves me to surmise: “Q” watched us trying; the narrative they are calling “QAnon”, COULD NOT have done that. The same sources many quoted from HBO, could not have either.

They can’t prove it wrong, other than to hide it.


I had also found the following old CNN video, which also confirms the “Q” truth, verses “QAnon’.

Included below are some other screenshots with more coincidences I found interesting.

Being watched by ? Why?

Link to Stryker’s article:

HBO coincidence? (They too, never mentioned the image).

Drop #516 – Confirmed.

CNN in 2013, verses today’s narratives.

Thousands of articles, not one simple fact based Free Speech Question to end decades of falsehoods. Lots of ads. Lots of negative news. Bad news sales. Good news is hidden.