Disclaimer: Do not use this drug, or any other drug unless your under the care of your physician.

Did you know Hydroxychloroquine is currently listed in active trials at Cancer.gov?

Since Hydroxychloroquine has been in the news 24/7, I decided I’d do a little more digging. I had previously seen some drops made on a site that many in the MSM call a “conspiracy” website.

The drop’s subtle “hints”, along with the fact that many in the MSM will not simply raise their hand to ask POTUS who is saying such things, just made me dig even deeper.

I put the word “cure” into the website’s search block. Here are a few screenshots that led me down a possible rabbit hole to investigate things further. (I’ve also discovered you can place any keywords into the search on the website, such as: Epstein, Vegas, Iran, etc. You then have more knowledge than you realize to help find things others will not cover.)

After digesting these hints, I searched open source (Google, etc) links using the keywords: cancer Hydroxychloroquine.

Look what I found, and to my amazement, the NCI has current “ACTIVE” trials on a list they support:

Why have we never heard this on TV? Is this the real reason why many are downplaying the usage of a long approved drug for Malaria, for COVID-19:

Just Image…

Please pray that these cancer trials are beneficial.

Research everything for yourselves. I just wanted to show you what is not being mentioned along with all these narratives changes.

???????? God Bless America