Interested in Joining the US Army? Without any question, ROTC schools for the Army are the best Option!

ROTC acronym for Reserve Officers’ Training Corps is a program designed to prepare college students for future service in the U.S. Navy, Army and Air Force. Students interested in gaining exposure to the rigors of military training can do so through junior ROTC or JROTC programs offered at the high school level. Once students reach college level, they can enroll in ROTC programs specific to their interests whether Army, Air Force or Navy.


For qualified students, ROTC schools cover the cost of their education in exchange that students will pursue active duty services in their chosen area of the military. There are more than 1000 colleges and universities in the United States that offer ROTC schools, and listed below are some of the top ranked institutions to choose from.

Best ROTC Schools For Army:

1. California Institute of Technology – Caltech offers Army ROTC schools through a partnership with the University of Southern California. More information on Caltech ROTC programs can be requested from the Dean of Students office.

2. Claremont McKenna College – regarded as the best ROTC programs in the country, the college offers an ROTC program that provides interested individual tools, training and experiences to become officers in the U.S. Army. The experience you gain through the ROTC program is like none other where you even receive help with your college tuition.


Best ROTC Schools For Army and Navy

1. Columbia University – Known to produce some of the best thinkers and leaders in the country, ROTC programs at Columbia University provide students with financial aid and scholarships, and some the best leadership training the country has to offer.

2. Cornell University – with a history of producing more army officers that any other ROTC program in the United States, Cornell University offers excellent training to become an officer in the U.S. Army, while simultaneously studying at one of the most esteemed education institutions in New York. If you’re looking for the best Army ROTC program, the Cornell University is definitely worth exploring.
3. Duke University – designed to provide leadership skills to full time students, the ROTC program at the Duke University provides all the essential skills to be great …read more

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