Recently, a veteran I know received the letter as shown within this post.    I was amazed to know, no one has addressed this issue, or at least that I can find.

champva1Basically the question is based on the current rules in place:

Is CHAMPVA or the Affordable Care Act disenfranchising 100% rated disabled veterans?  From what I understand, Obamacare allows parents to keep their children on their insurance until the age of 26.

What about these Veteran’s children?   Currently they are allowed to keep their coverage until the age of 18, unless they are enrolled in the Dependents Educational Program (Chapter 35)  through the Veteran’s Administration.   Then they are only allowed to stay insured until the age of 23, with school certification.

The screenshot from page 4 the CHAMPVA phamplet shows the current information available on the CHAMPVA’s champva.pampleteligibility requirements.  Even if a dependent child can prove they are going to school full time, they are being kicked off at the age of 23.  This has already happened to the same veterans 24-year old child.  The 24-year old then has to purchase a insurance policy at his West Virginia state funded university for over 700.00 a semester, if he wants to continue school.    Are veterans children less important than those of other legal and non-legal Americans.?

If people think student loan debt is bad, just wait until they get judgements against them for health insurance while attending school.

champvaThe veteran who received this letter, has reached out to his Republican State Senator Shelley Moore Capito.  Senator Capito’s  Veterans Affairs Liaison & Caseworker.  She reportively has been really receptive to look into this further.  Shamefully, she was the first person and only person who actually asked to see the copy of the letter to research it further.

I am asking people to forward this around, especially to all your states congressional representatives.  As I think it needs to be addressed by every veteran and congresssional representative in this country.

Lets help fix a WRONG, one that nobody is APPARENTLY NOT giving a darn about.

Hopefully, it’s just an over-site, one that is costing veterans and their dependents dearly.


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