The people of Pilsen, KS, are all aware of Chaplain Emil Kapaun who will be posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor on April 11, 2013.
You see, Chaplain Kapaun served as an Army Chaplain in both World War II and the Korean War where he was awarded both the Bronze Star and the Distinguished Service Cross.

Let me explain, but first…

Kapaun was born and raised in Pilsen, KS. He lived and worked on the family farm which helped provide Kapaun a strong work ethic that went on to serve him well in the military. As one story was told when his mother was ill and not able to milk a cow, Kapaun first attempted to milk the cow but the cow would not produce without his mom. He then dressed up as his mother in a dress and return to find the cow more generous… not recognizing Kapaun not being his mother.

Following college at Conception College in Missouri and then to Kenrick Theological Seminary, Kapaun was ordained in 1940. He then returned to Pilsen to serve at his childhood church.

When World War II started he volunteered into the Army because of his connection with other soldiers along with the desire to serve in the military. He became an Army Chaplain in 1944.

Kapaun had the unique reputation with the other soldiers as being a Chaplain who would always be where the fighting was. He was bold, brave and daring. In fact, often times the soldiers would make bets on how quickly it would take Kapaun to show up wherever the fighting was. You see, he believed that was where the men most needed him most.

And as you may already know, a military ‘chaplain’ is not required to be in …read more

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