Gory Gory, What a Helluva Way to Die..[Great Video]

WWII Vet Vince “Nuts!” Speranza, singing with WWII ADT Class 2016-03 Note from YouTube Discription: “WWII Jump School is over and it was an amazing experience. We had our Graduation ceremony and celebration party on Saturday and got to party with this bad ass – Vince Speranza #nuts! #Geronimo #Bastogne #Airbornealltheway NOTE: this has been […]

Security Guard Stops Middle School Kids Choir from Singing National Anthem at 9/11 Memorial in NY [Video]

Public outrage is being expressed today after a video of Waynesville Middle School choir singing our national Anthem went viral. The North Carolina kids were stopped by a security guard, right in the middle of singing the Star Spangled Banner. The guard then told the kids they could continue after paying a $35.00 permit.