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John Boehner Still Thinks Privatizing Veterans’ Health Care Is A Good Idea

House Speaker John Boehner called for the privatization of the Department of Veterans Affairs decades ago, and he still thinks it’s a good idea today…. Read more: Privatization, House Speaker John Boehner, John Boehner Veterans, Video, Veterans Affairs, John Boehner, Eric Shinseki Veterans Affairs Secretary, Eric Shinseki, Politics News …read more Read more here:

John Boehner ‘Closer’ To Calling For VA Secretary Resignation

(Adds details on other lawmakers, candidate seeking ouster) By David Lawder WASHINGTON, May 22 (Reuters) – U.S. House Sp… Read more: Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki, John Boehner Eric Shinseki, Veterans Affairs, Va Scandal, John Boehner, Veterans Affairs Scandal, Eric Shinseki, Reuters, Politics News …read more Read more here:

Chastened Saudis Look to Iran Detente

Still, it’s not clear which way these dominoes will fall. There are powerful interests in having them cascade toward détente and peace, but there are other potent forces that still prefer heightened confrontation. …read more Read more here:

Brent Budowsky: VA Scandal Is Bipartisan

It is indecent that preventable casualties during combat have been followed by preventable casualties during treatment. Let’s all take responsibility and end this bipartisan shame with bipartisan solutions. The best politics is to do what is right for the vets, not the politicians. Read more: Barry McCaffrey, Bob Kerrey, Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Affairs, […]

The Jewish state’s Jewishness reflected in a return visit

What I have described here is also an expression of Jewish mentality, seeing one’s group as chosen, above all others and realize this mentality at the expense of others – or simply Jewish ideology. It is about the meaning of the Jewish state’s Jewishness, as I understand it. …read more Read more here:

Sarah Palin Calls Obama ‘Lazy’ Over Approach To VA Scandal

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) railed against President Barack Obama on Wednesday, accusing him of mishandling the scandal currently plaguing the … Read more: Video, Veterans Affairs, Veterans Affairs Scandal, Sarah Palin, Obama, Sarah Palin Obama Va, Barack Obama, Eric Shinseki, Veterans, Sarah Palin Obama, Politics News …read more Read more here:

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