CNN confirmed the “Q” Group was not a conspiracy, on June 7th, 2013.

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In the following 2013 clip about Edward Snowden, CNN was reporting openly about a highly classified group, called “Q”. But now, most MSM outlets have reported that “Q” is a dangerous conspiracy. It also appears, many MSM reporters are trying to morph this “Q”, into a “QAnon” narrative 24-7? 

Why all the click-bait effort to muddy the waters, when asking “properly”, would END all conspiracy claims?   Why would the Media be afraid of the modern-day Q’s challenge (shown in image, at the bottom of article)?

Source: CNN YouTube Channel.

Instead of going to find the direct answer to “end” to all divisions, claims and falsehoods. It seems like many now days, would rather read a script in front of the camera, than just do a little leg work, to find the answer to biggest news story of all our lifetimes.  (*-I would never make such a claim, if I hadn’t found the courage to somehow to do the leg work needed to find that truth myself.)

Many are actively calling fellow citizens crazy if they research about “Q” outside of their own projected world view.

In the following mockingbird style clips, pay close attention to the smirks and smiling. Is that really necessary? Are we watching a scripted movie, to distract us, by causing divisions? Then again, it’s not easy to make people forget that Epstein didn’t kill himself.


Before attacking me for posing the questions, take a second and honestly ask.

What if the “Q” team has been watching for foreign interference inside of our own country, and more?

The NSA’s Military Oath does say “Foreign & Domestic”. In 2015, the NSA posted that Oath on YouTube (note the image at exactly the :17 mark).

In my opinion, the MSM media has created the narrative about “QAnon” (as shown below), instead of just ending any conspiracy nonsense, straight out. They have had well over 3 years to ask “any” POTUS the simple Question: Who is “Q”?

If “Q” is indeed a major part of the intelligence community as reported in 2017, would that prove everything they have said about “Q” over the past 3 years, was FAKE NEWS, and “Q” was the Truth..

False narratives to hide very very bad things, while condoning any censorship of fellow citizen’s First Amendment Rights. Is that right? How is that Free Speech.

*- I have personally tried to research this myself, because I had a White House media pass. But I have been censored by Big Tech, and the White House admin literally cut off my emails after 3 years of respectfully having the honor. I made one mistake. I was asking free speech questions.

I plan to discuss my own miniscule efforts, more in-depth in my next article:  White House Correspondent confirms “Q’s” existence, while many there others created fake “QAnon” narratives?

Pray for our Country, and its leaders. Pray for Free Speech, and the discernment to decide between Truths and False Narratives. Free Speech has the Power to literally save the world, especially, if not censored.

Imagine saving the world, without the first shot being fired,….besides the Answer to the Ultimate Question itself.

That sounds like a better solution than all negative divisions, we are feed 24-7.

Fight for Truths, and Free Speech.

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