The Army is full of rewarding careers and positions for men and women, but some career in the Army are more challenging and dangerous than others. Certain soldiers in the Army face a higher risk of danger and are paid to endure life-threatening situations. Every soldier in the Army is critical to the success of the armed forces, but high risk, army jobs require a specific set of skills and determination that isn’t found in everybody.

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1. Special Forces

Special Forces specialists are highly-skilled combat forces. Special Forces positions are only available to male candidates. Special Forces are specially trained to endure mental, physical, and emotional challenges that would cripple most people in a highly stressful combat environment.

2. Ranger

Army Rangers are deployed to overcome the most difficult situations against impossible odds. Rangers must infiltrate a hostile environment by land, air, or sea to accomplish one specific mission. They are lethal forces trained to rescue, defeat enemies, infiltrate a combat zone, and gain critical intelligence in dangerous environments. Rangers do whatever it takes for the success of a mission.

3. Infantry

Infantry is critical to the success of defending the citizens of the United States. They are the troops on the ground that faces danger every single moment they are in a hostile environment. Infantry members are responsible for defeating, capturing, and protecting against enemy forces.

4. Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist

EOD Specialists are responsible for learning about al l the potential dangers of an explosive. They are constantly learning new techniques, strategies and educating themselves on new waves of bombs and ordnance so they can disable and dispose of threats. EOD …read more

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